Web Applications

Our web application development services utilize the latest frameworks and technology in order to create professionally-branded and tailor-made solutions for your business. You’ll find our expertise and dedication in all phases of our work together, from planning and analysis to design, development, testing, quality control, and maintenance. We offer multi-tier business-oriented enterprise application development services and deliver tools and modelling solutions for your entire organization. Our team’s range of expertise makes Techinnov an ideal choice if you’re looking for web application recommendations.


Mobile Software Development

We offer fully customizable mobile application development and quality assurance services in the most popular mobile platforms. If you’re looking to take your mobile application to the next level, we can update it for you! Have an idea for a mobile application, but need help to make it a reality? We’ll take the time to consult with you to build it from A to Z.

Cloud Solutions (IaaS) 

– Dedicated Infrastructure and Architecture
– AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics
– IT Business Consulting
– Security
– Reliability
– Innovative R&D Solutions
– Performance

System Integration

We’re proud to create seamless connections for the end-to-end digital enterprise. Leading organizations count on Techinnov’s system integration services to enable seamless and secure experience from front-end to back-end. We help companies integrate all the physical and virtual components of their systems, including various machine systems, computer hardware, inventory, data stored in databases, software, and application. We make all these components act as one system for your company.


Montreal Mobile & Web Application Development & Design.

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